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Jeevika 2015

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Join us for the screening of top entries from across the world that focus on livelihood issues in Asia on 30, 31 October and 1 November 2015 at SIRIFORT AUDI III, AUGUST KRANTI MARG, NEW DELHI (Entry from Gate No. 5). FREE ENTRY! Click here to register. We look forward to seeing you there!

  Day 1: FRIDAY, 30 OCTOBER 2015
11:15 Phum Shang by Haobam Paban Kumar | India | 0:52:00
12:20 Charred Brick by Sein Lyan Tun | Myanmar | 0:15:00
12:35 Coming and Going by Tiainlin Xu | China | 1:29:00
14:05 BREAK
14:35 Raasta by Nithil Dennis | India | 0:17:35
15:05 When the Boat comes In by Khin Maung Kyaw | Myanmar | 0:29:51
15:35 The Rest of My Life is For Sale* by Liu Shuo & Fei Youming | China | 0:52:00
16:30 Dancing Shoes by Rishebh Batnagar & Jogavindra S Khera | India | 0:26:00
17:30 India Awakes by James Tusty & Maureen Castle Tusty | India | 0:19:00
PANEL DISCUSSION: Law, Liberty & Livelihood
19:30 HIGH TEA
  Day 2: SATURDAY, 31 OCTOBER 2015
11:00 Sonpur Mela by Sudhesh Unniraman | India | 0:52:00
12:00 China: For My Blue Brothers* by Ying Cui | China | 0:25:00
12:30 Don’t Waste People by Julia Waterhous | India | 0:42:00
13:20 Dr Sarmast’s Music School* by Polly Watkins & Beth Frey | Afghanistan | 0:47:00
14:05 BREAK
14:35 Inside of me by Sophon Shimjinda | Thailand | 0:21:00
15:05 Zar, Zameen aur Zaan by Janvi Karwal | India | 0:21:00
15:35 Cast in India by Natasha Raheja | India,United States of America | 0:26:00
16:10 A Bohemian Musician by Rochak Sahu | India | 0:12:30
16:35 Street Tales by Jose Dennis C. Teodosio | Myanmar | 0:21:00
17:10 Caste on the Menu Card by Ananyaa Gaur, Anurup Khillare, Atul Anand, Reetika Revathy Subramanian & Vaseem Chaudh | India | 0:21:00
18:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Repeal Laws: Clean India, Clean Statute
  Day 3: SUNDAY, 01 NOVEMBER 2015
10:15 Delhi Fear and Freedom by Raja Shabir Khan | India | 0:52:00
11:20 Afghanistan’s Hidden Gems* by Eric De Lavarène & Véronique Mauduy | Afghanistan | 0:25:00
11:45 Sagar Manav by Tanumoy Bose | India | 0:21:00
12:15 No Land’s Song by Ayat Najafi | Iran | 1:31:00
13:50 BREAK
14:20 Tyres by Kyaw Myo Lwin |Myanmar | 0:30:00
14:50 Ida’s Choice* by Justin Ong | Malaysia | 0:25:01
15:20 Autodriver by Meena Longjam | India | 0:31:30
16:00 Last of the Elephant Men by Daniel Ferguson & Arnaud Bouquet | Cambodia | 1:26:00
17:30 PANEL DISCUSSION & AWARD CEREMONY: Ease of Doing Business
Seating is on a first come first serve basis and subject to capacity
*: Non-competitive entries, in collaboration with Al Jazeera
Jeevika 2015

Official Selection for Jeevika 2015


Sl #





A Bohemian Musician

Rochak Sahu




Meena Longjam

00: 31: 30


Caste on the Menu Card

Ananyaa Gaur, Anurup Khillare, Atul Anand, Reetika Revathy Subramanian, Vaseem Chaudh



Cast in India

Natasha Raheja



Charred Brick

Sein Lyan Tun



Coming and Going

Tiainlin Xu



Dancing Shoes

Rishebh Batnagar & Jogavindra S Khera



Delhi Fear and Freedom

Raja Shabir Khan



Don’t Waste People

Julia Waterhous



Inside of me

Sophon Shimjinda

00: 21:00


Phum Shang

Haobam Paban Kumar




Nithil Dennis



Sagar Manav

Tanumoy Bose



Sonpur Mela

Sudhesh Unniraman



Street Tales

Jose Dennis C. Teodosio



Last of the Elephant Men

Daniel Ferguson & Arnaud Bouquet




Kyaw Myo Lwin



When the Boat comes in

Khin Maung Kyaw



Zar, Zameen aur Zaan

Janvi Karwal


Synopsis: 2015 Official Jeevika Selection

Phum Shang by Haobam Paban Kumar

0:52:00 | English, Manipuri | Manipur, India


This film talks about Loktak, the largest freshwater lake in North East India characterized by its unique floating biomass ‘phumdi’, the primary source of livelihood for the fishermen who live there. The film covers not only the rich and abundant bio-diversity of the Loktak area but also delves into serious issues as fallout of development induced poverty.

^ Top

Charred Brick by Sein Lyan Tun

0:15:00 | Burmese | Myanmar


This is a film about a young boy from as small village who works odd jobs for living and looking after his family. He sometime goes to the evening NFPE (Non Formal Primary Education) school. He wants to study like a day school student but is always struggling with work and taking care of family. He has a dream, but what will be his future?

^ Top

Coming and Going by Tiainlin Xu

 1:29:00 | Chinese | China


Two orphaned teenage brothers leave their remote mountain village behind to seek their fortune in two separate major cities. Meanwhile, their young neighbors anxiously await the return of their father, a migrant worker who left the village a year ago. This is the story of four boys from the Chinese countryside, their hopes and dreams, and the challenges they face.

^ Top

Raasta by Nithil Dennis

0:17:35 | Marwari, Hindi | New Delhi, India


This film traces a young Kathputli artist Rohit Bhat who lives in kathputli colony in West Delhi. This colony houses 3000 artists and is a slum in constant threat of being evicted by authorities as the land is sold to Raheja builders – a real estate giant. Rohittalks about his life, art and his fear of loosing the art form as his livelihood.

^ Top

When the boat comes in  by Khin Maung Kyaw

 0:29:51 | Burmese | Myanmar


Aung Kyaw Naing and Ma Cho Lay are members of a fishing community struggling to make a living along a stretch of coastline near Thanbyuzayat in Mon State, Myanmar. Soon they will be faced with a curtailed fishing season as a result of new government legislation.

^ Top

The Rest of My Life is For Sale  by Liu Shuo & Fei Youming

0:52:00 | Chinese | Singapore


This film presents the story of Chen Xiao, an enterprising young Chinese woman. She earns a living by selling her life, $1 for 8 minutes, $3 for an hour, and $15 for a day. Chen only responds to decent and uplifting requests. The demand for her services is growing, but can she sustain it?

^ Top

Dancing Shoes by Rishebh Batnagar & Jogavindra S Khera

0:26:00 | Hindi, English | Mumbai, India


There is a completely different side to the tale of this slum. Dharavi is home to numerous success stories. “Dancing Shoes” follows the inspiring journey of 34-year-old shoemaker, Jameel Shah. The son of a poor Bihari farmer, this young man never gave up on his Bollywood dreams. Today, from a tiny 10×10 foot room in Dharavi, Jameel constructs world-class dance shoes for celebrities, including: Katrina Kaif, Kajol, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Farah Khan, HrithikRoshan, Ranbir Kapoor and international superstar Kylie Minogue.

^ Top

India awakes by James Tusty & Maureen Castle Tusty

0:19:00 | English, Hindi | India


India is coming alive and flourishing economically. In fact, Citigroup estimates that by 2050, it will have the world’s largest economy, larger than China and the United States. For many centuries, only the politically connected and elite prospered in India, while the rest of the population lived in poverty. However, since 1991, 250 million people have been lifted out of poverty and are finding new ways to flex their personal and economic power.

Banwari Lal Sharma, the president of a new street vendors association, is helping vendors in his area feel more empowered and able to stand up for their legal rights, after years of having to pay bribes to corrupt local officials.

Rama Bhai, a Sagai village leader and farmer, comes from a group called the ‘forest people,’ who were once viewed as trespassers on the land where they have lived for generations. Through an unusual use of GPS systems and Google Earth they have now obtained deeds to their land.

And Mannem Madhusudana Rao, who was born to one of the lowest rungs of India’s caste system, the “dalit,” was able to break free from the chains that have bound his societal position to a life of poverty. Through hard work and perseverance, Rao formed a major construction firm and has a much higher quality of life for himself and his extended family, along with a new status of “millionaire.”

“India Awakes” reveals the enormous power of unlocking human potential and ambition, and how doing so could establish this country as a preeminent world leader.

^ Top

Sonpur Mela by Sudhesh Unniraman

00:52:00 | Hindi | Pushkar, India


As the country’s landscape gets filled up with malls and hypermarkets, what is happening to the large melas and haats that used to thrive in rural India and smaller towns? Some of them, like Pushkar, have managed to transform themselves into a hyper tourist experience, transforming their core nature. Others, like Sonpur, remain unknown to most Indians outside Bihar. Yet, these are growing in size, engaging a larger number of visitors each year. Sonpur offers a variety of experiences. This is where faith, commerce and entertainment meet.

^ Top

China: For My Blue Brothers by Ying Cui

 0:25:00 | Chinese | China


He Zhongzhou is a former Chinese journalist who quit his job to support young poor migrant workers (‘blue workers’), as he himself once was. But will he be able to raise funds to keep his ‘Blue Workers’ Cooperative’ going, as it challenges corporations and the Chinese state?

^ Top

Don’t Waste People by Julia Waterhouse

0:42:00 | English, Hindi | New Delhi, India


The film captures the voices of a few of the hundreds of thousands of people who work as waste pickers in Delhi, India, as they advocate for recognition in the face of increasing privatization of waste management. These voices have long been silenced and still often go unheard, but we have the power to change that simply by listening.

^ Top

Dr Sarmast’s Music School

00:96:00 | Dari | Australia


After the Taliban was toppled from power, Afghanistan’s musical culture was left in ruins. The film captures a renowned musicologist Dr Ahmad Sarmast as he establishes the first National Institute of Music, and helps some of the country’s most deprived children transform their lives with music.

^ Top

Inside of Me by Sophon Shimjinda

0:21:00 | Thai, English | Pattaya, Thailand


Cherry is a disabled male to female transgender working to support herself in Pattaya, Thailand. Financially, she can live her life just fine, yet she desires love. In spite of everything, what Cherry longs for the most is the love from her mother and father.

^ Top

Zar, Zameen aur Zaan by Janvi Karwal

00:21:00 | Hindi | Kutch, India


Clouds form in the sky as Shakur, an old tailor sits down to work. He hopes that rain will come soon. Saleem has wandered off into the Grasslands looking for pasture for his cattle. Nature has been both harsh and giving to this nomadic, cattle herding community of Kutch. They recollect everything that they have lost over the years, Patiently waiting for the monsoon. Rain would mean lush green grazing land for their cattle. It would mean the revival of the barren desert land. But most of all, It’s a reminder that nothing, not even adversity, can last forever. Change is right around the corner…..

^ Top

Cast in India by Natasha Raheja

0:26:00 | India, United States of America


Iconic and ubiquitous, thousands of manhole covers dot the streets of New York City. Enlivening the everyday objects around us, this short film is a glimpse of the working lives of the men behind the manhole covers in New York City.

^ Top

A Bohemian Musician by Rochak Sahu

 0:12:30 | Hindi, English | Pune, India


Keshav Lal has worked with legendary composers such as Laxmikant Pyarelal and filmmakers like V. Shantaram. Fate bought him to streets of Pune where he lived with his wife and together they played music to sustain their livelihood. The story is about the power of hope and optimism – some of the biggest assets of human life. It also portrays the strong bond between a husband and wife, which remains unscathed even in the most adverse situations.

^ Top

Street Tales by Jose Dennis C. Teodosio

0:21:00 | Burmese | Myanmar


10 hours. 10 voices. 10 stories. People from the streets of Yangon share not only how they struggle each day, but more so, how they keep hope in their hearts. By hearing their tales, we prove that they are more than just numbers in statistics. Inevitably, they reveal how ordinary people thrive (and survive) in a democracy.

^ Top

Caste on the Menu Card by Ananyaa Gaur, Anurup Khillare, Atul Anand, Reetika Revathy Subramanian & Vaseem Chaudh

 0:21:00 | Hindi, English | Mumbai, India


The film delves into the idea of food as a site of exclusion by focusing on beef-eating practices in Mumbai. It attempts to portray the prevalence of caste differentiations as seen in the food choices of people in the city, and touches upon concerns related to livelihood, social inclusion and human rights. By tracing the mythological and historical roots of the meat-eating culture in our country, the film discusses the hierarchy maintained by Brahminical preferences and its intended subversions. This is seen in the stand taken on dealing with the political economy of the leather and meat industries. The film follows the ruptured background of universities’ caste politics over the demand of inclusion of beef in institutions. It observes that many restaurants in Mumbai offer beef delicacies, but off the menu. Thus, the film title reads ‘Caste on the Menu Card’.

^ Top

Delhi Fear and Freedom by Raja Shabir Khan

0:52:00 | Hindi, English | New Delhi, India


India has seen lot of developments in the recent years. Women are working in almost all fields that were once thought of as men’s bastion. But there is much more to it than meets the eye. The film looks at Delhi through the eyes of three women from different social backgrounds. The recent rape incident in Delhi has raised lot of questions about safety of women. The mistreatment and abuse of women is a particular problem in Delhi and northern India. Nivedita, the seemingly strong and powerful lady cop sometimes also feels vulnerable.

^ Top

Afghanistan’s Hidden Gems by  Eric De Lavarene & Veronique Mauduy

00:25:00 | Arabic, English | Afghanistan


Afghanistan has the potential to become one of the mining centres in the world. Among most intriguing examples of this huge unexploited wealth is the emerald industry. In a territory that sees heavy Taliban activity, unlicensed miners work 18 hours a day with archaic tools, facing the danger of collapsing tunnels, rockfalls and blasting accidents.

^ Top

Sagar Manav by Tanumoy Bose

0:21:00 | Hindi, Urdu | India


A lighthouse attendant, Chaman Bhai Charlie, lives on an island in the Arabian Sea, making his livelihood. As he spends time there all by himself, the days seem to never pass and nights are lonely and cold.

^ Top

No Land’s Song by Ayat Najafi

1:31:00 | Persian | Iran


A composer struggles to host a concert featuring female singers, as public performances by women are banned in Iran. The film gives insight into modern Iranian voices and views, and explores with tact and sensitivity Iran’s musical heritage and the issues of censorship and prohibition.

^ Top

Tyres  by Kyaw Myo Lwin

0:30:00 | Burmese | Myanmar


A tyre recycling workshop in South Okkalapa in Myanmar’s former capital of Yangon is a site of multiple uses and multiple deaths, for this is the place where defunct tyres are transformed from their original shape and use, and are reborn into new and completely different lives. Filmed almost entirely in black-and-white, this observational documentary gently explores a community of tyre cutters and recyclers, young and old, male and female, as they create with their super-sharp blades, careful eyes and skilful strokes, buckets, brushes and slippers from discarded rubber tyres.

^ Top

Ida’s Choice by Justin Ong

0:25:00 | Malay | Kuala Lampur


In Malaysia’s race towards development, some facets of society have been left behind. Ida is a 17-year-old woman trying to survive in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur’s red light district. The film’s narrative is driven by Ida’s quest to change her ways and how she deals with the obstacles that she faces.

^ Top

Auto Driver by by Meena Longjam

0:31:30 | Manipuri | Imphal, India


Laibi is a lady auto driver based in conflict torn Imphal city. In order to support an ailing husband and education of her two sons, she took up this profession defying the traditional society. Starting off as a daily wage labor in a brick farm where she earned only 60 rupees for loading 1500 bricks, she now has to face the discrimination of passengers who shun lady auto drivers.

^ Top

Les Derniers Hommes Éléphants (Last of the Elephant Men) by Daniel Ferguson & Arnaud Bouquet

1:26:00| Khmer| Cambodia


Filmed over several years in stunning and remote locations across Cambodia, Last of the Elephant Men is an elegy for the domestic elephant in Asia and a plea to protect the remaining wild population. The story follows three Bunong from different generations – each showcasing fascinating and moving aspects of the bond between people and elephants. Ultimately the themes of these stories apply to many traditional cultures – a microcosm for the link between biological and cultural diversity and the pressures they both face worldwide.

^ Top

Why Jeevika?

Top Ten reasons to submit your documentary at Jeevika….

#WhyJeevika Reason1: Unique Documentary Festival: Identify and bring to light policies and social, religious and cultural practices which prevent people from earning an honest living and being an entrepreneur and document the livelihood challenges of the rural and urban poor across Asia.

#WhyJeevika Reason2: International Platform: Every year over 20 documentaries from all over the world by veteran & new filmmakers are selected to be part of the official screening list. Beyond the screenings interaction with audience and other filmmakers, a creative meeting point for professionals from media, policymaking and academia.

#WhyJeevika Reason3: Open to Student filmmakers: The festival provides aspiring student filmmakers a platform to share their experiences and creativity in front of a captive audience as well as garners their interest in livelihood issues.

#WhyJeevika Reason4: To highlight the policy challenges of:Entrepreneurs in the micro, small, medium and large enterprise.Education Entrepreneurs whose livelihood is connected to schools.

#WhyJeevika Reason5: Independent Evaluation: The documentaries are shortlisted and winners are decided completely by independent teams of celebrated and accomplished jury members. The jury is composed of professional from the film industry, academia, media and non-profit.

#WhyJeevika Reason6: Fabulous Awards: The festival offers fabulous prizes with cash honorarium, trophies, certificates and one of the winners will win a trip and three nights stay to be part of the Asia Liberty Forum in January 2016 in Malaysia.

#WhyJeevika Reason7: Beyond the Festival: Organisers screen select shortlisted films as part of the Livelihood Campaign in seminars, various schools, colleges, cultural centers, organisations and at festivals in different parts of the country and the world through the Jeevika on the Road initiative.

#WhyJeevika Reason8: What are we giving to the society?: The screening and discussions during the festival strengthen the Freedom Struggle of the Poor and change the attitudes and minds of many towards inclusive and sustainable development. Advocate with the policy makers for changes in policies and with social leaders for changes in practices that can have far-reaching impacts on the lives of the poor.

#WhyJeevika Reason 9: Developing on Public policies: The documentaries help to develop public policy measures to clear the path for free enterprise. Check out our BAMBOO IS NOT A TREE campaign that enabled public and political on its classification in India’s national policy.

#Why Jeevika Reason 10: Volunteer with us: An opportunity to learn, network and meet eminent documentary makers!

We are glad to inform you that we will soon start with the evaluation process and the final list of the shortlisted documentaries will be uploaded at www.jeevika.org.

Please feel free to write to us with any queries at jeevika@ccs.in

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Team Jeevika

Jeevika 2015 Documentaries Received

Professional Entries

Sl. Title Director
1. A Mangrove Movement in Sunderban Moushumi Basu
2. Aajeevika Ershad Ahmed
3. After the Storm Sabuj Kumar
4. Angioplasty of streams Aditya Seth
5. Arms to Farms Sherbien Dacalanio
6. At the Crossroads Deba Ranjan
7. Autodriver Meena Longjam
8. Bade Tv Wala Avadhoot Khanolkar
9. Bahurupiya Sidharth srinivasan
10. Baithak Kaise Kailash Bhutani
11. Between the forest and the song Wanphrang K Diengdoh
12. Bihan: The Dawn of Hope Kailash Bhutani
13. Champ… Hemant Kumar Sharma
14. Changing Climate, Moving People Saransh Sugandh
15. Charred Brick Sein Lyan Tun
16. Childmart Inc – My Country Sells Babies Ishani K Dutta
17. Coming and Going Tianlin XU
18. Dancing Shoes Rishebh Bhatnagar & Jogavindra S. Khera
19. Delhi Fear and Freedom Raja Shabir Khan
20. Dhaan se Rakh Tak Sunil Kumar
21. Dollar City Amudhan R.P.
22. Don’t Waste People Julia Waterhous
23. Falling Through The Cracks – Children in Mining Shibani Chaudhury
24. Fueling Change Ahona Datta Gupta
25. Grab Oradol Kaewprasert
26. Himalayan Art of Thangka Painting Shweta Sauran
27. Improving The Lives And Livelihood Of Migrant Workers Dr. Kiran Rao
28. Inside Of Me Sophon Shimjinda
29. Jagdishbhai, A Life In Progress Shashi Ghosh Gupta
30. Janamata Tarun Mishra
31. Japan In Nagaland Hemant Gaba
32. Jhini Jhini Bini Chadariya Tanuja Shankar Khan
33. Jibikar Khonje Prasanta Biswas & Kuntal Kumar Roy
34. Kalivu V Ramanathan
35. Khoh Ki Bo Dondor Lyngdoh & Gautam Syiem
36. Les derniers hommes éléphants Daniel Ferguson and Arnaud Bouquet
37. Let them eat Cake Alexis Krasilovsky
38. Let there be Light KM Taj-Biul Hasan
39. Life Between Wheels Sudipta Mukhopadhaya & Subham Bhattacharjee
40. Life In Metaphors: A Portrait Of Girish Kasaravalli O P Srivastava
41. Lohit Diary Ramchandra PN
42. Made in Darravy Shashi Khanna
43. Mai Aur Meri Bakri Laxminarayan Dewda (primary director); Deepak Verma
44. Masjid Kapitan Keling Jasmin Binti Abdul Wahab
45. Micro Planning Survey: Vijayawada Constituency Harsh Vardhan Singh and Santanu Das
46. Mujhey Rang De-Enterprise towards Empowernment Abhishek Ganguli
47. Nagaland is Changing Gurmeet Sapal
48. Neo Alchemists- The Great Indian Jugaad Yasmin Kidwai
49. Neshamot Lewinsky Claudia Levin
50. Nuestro Propio Sri Lanka Sergio Garcia
51. Outsiders Asoktaru Chakraborty
52. Phum Shang Haobam Paban Kumar
53. Playing God Hridaynath Gharekhan
54. Post Climate Change Snehasis Das
55. Raasta Nithil Dennis
56. Ragpickers: Scavengers Of A Different Graveyard Tina Schmidi, Priti Chandrani, Brahmanand Singh
57. Rula Sein Lyan Tun
58. Running Away To India Sudheer Gupta
59. Savvadi Praveen K Bangari
60. Sonepur Mela Sudesh Unikrishnan
61. Street Tales Jose Dennis C. Teodosio
62. Terror Nilesh Desai
63. The Backstage of Tradition Sarah Yona Zweig
64. The Cocktail Party Sudheer Gupta
65. The Deep Rising Merajur Rahman Baruah
66. The Drag Story: Impacting the Lives of others Makhela Deva
67. The Hope Doctors Diya Banerjee
68. The Hunt Bijju Toppo
69. The Man Who Dwarfed The Mountains Ruchi Srivastava & Sumit Khanna
70. The Man who Sells Luck Jose Dennis C. Teodosio, Joamar John D. Canosa & Myo Min Htwe
71. The Poland Journey Hila Timor Ashur
72. The Red data book an appendix Pradeep K P & Sreemith N
73. The Sea of Change – Traditional Fishworkers’ Perception of Climate Change Rita Banerji
74. The Thin Red Ribbon Ishani Dutta
75. Today’s Generation Boy K. Bhuvaneshwari
76. Towards a Better Tomorrow Kailash Bhutani
77. Traditional Coping Systems For Climate Resilience Examples From Meghalaya Jaimon Joseph
78. Vidya Kishan Dagar
79. Water Harvesting For Climate Resilience, The Maharashtra Story Jaimon Joseph
80. Zomu Nei Sange Dorjee Thongdok

Student Entries

Sl. Title Director
1. A Bohemian Musician Rochak Sahu
2. Bepurdah Rishika Namdev
3. Blurring Lines Hiba Ghias, Ramsha Alam, Sahil Ali, Shadan khan, Tauhid
4. Brick Maker – Sunita Bhui Tejasvi Momaya
5. Broken Strings of Marionette Deepak Jain
6. Cast in India Natasha Raheja
7. Caste on the Menu Card Ananyaa Gaur, Anurup Khillare, Atul Anand, Reetika Revathy Subramanian, Vaseem Chaudh
8. Endeavour Aakanksha Sharma
9. Goonj Madhuri Ravishankar
10. Govandi Crime aur Camera Deepti Murali, Prateek Shekar, Shubra Dikshit, Smita Vanniyar, Vaibhav Sorte
11. Hum Paydal Chalke Aaye Humaira Bilkis
12. Imaging Bombay Aditi Maddali, Ashwin Nag, Faebitha Rahiman, Keduokhrietuo, Reetika Revathy Su
13. Kalabattu Arundhati Bhardwaj
14. Let Me Earn My Living *Shashi Gyawali/Sarwagya Raj Pandey
15. Madarsa Mustaqeem Khan
16. More Than A Tree Philipp Danao and Khin Myanmar
17. Natraj Bhojpuria: Saste Me Masta Atul Anand , Disha K R, Firdaus Soni, Shuaib Shafi
18. Night Shift Aaditya Gangwar
19. Not Caste in Stone Firdaus Soni, Keduokhrietuo Sachu, Kritika Agarwal, Prateek Shekhar, Vaibhav B. Sorte
20. Poshida Mohit Hassija
21. Pravasi Aquila Khan
22. Re-Imaging Dharavi Ananyaa Gaur, Eleanor Almeida, Kshitij Katiyar, Priyanka Pal, Vaseem Chaudhary
23. Russian Face Tamar Rachkovsky
24. Sagar Manav Tanumoy Bose
25. Tabassum …. five feets to life Himanshu Shekhar
26. The Lady of the Lake Zaw Naing oo
27. The Potter’s Song Hnin Ei Hlaing
28. Thursday’s Child Tay Zar Win Tu
29. Tyres Kyaw Myo Lwin
30. Vanastree Kelly and Megan
31. Varanasi Junction Siddhant Joshi
32. Wheels In Motion Anantya Dube
33. When the boat comes in Khin maung Kyaw
34. Zar, Zameen aur Zaan Janvi Karwal

Non Competitive Entries

Sl. Title Director
1. Afghanistan’s Hidden Gems Eric De Lavarène & Véronique Mauduy
2. Bird of Dawn Ayat Najafi
3. China: For My Blue Brothers Ying Cui
4. Dr Sarmast’s Music School Polly Watkins & Beth Frey
5. Ida’s Choice Justin Ong
6. India Awakes James Tusty & Maureen Castle Tusty
7. The Rest of My Life is For Sale Liu Shuo & Fei Youming

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30-31 Oct, 1 November 2015 | Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi, India

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We invite your suggestions and comments on how we may collaborate to mutual benefit. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Email: jeevika@ccs.in

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