Jeevika 2016

Submission Deadline: 15 October 2016

Category for Filmmakers:
(Submission Fee: INR 1000 / US$ 25)
(Submission Fee: INR 500 / US$ 15)
(Submission Fee: INR 1000 / US$ 25)
Title of the Documentary (Original Language):
Title of the Documentary (English):
Date of Production:  
(e.g.; Policy, Law, Bamboo, Craftsmen)
Language of the Documentary: Geographical Area:
Duration of the documentary (HH:MM:SC): Aspect Ratio:
Synopsis (up to 100 words in English)
Previous broadcasts or screenings & Prizes won by the documentary (Including other festivals and competitions):
In India:
In any other country:
Prizes won in film festivals/ otherwise:
Name of the Director:
(If more than one, please provide the information with names indicating who the primary director if any)
Contact Address:
City / Town - State: Postal Code:
Country:   Contact Number:
Email:   Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY):
Educational institution (if you are a student) or Organisation with which you are associated
Name: Course/Degree (Pursued or Pursuing):
Contact Number: Email:
Contact Address:
City / Town - State: Postal Code:
Details of the Crew Members with Designation:
Please select the financial support for the production of documentary
Source: Educational Institution Organisation Funding Agency Self
Name of the producer/organization/institution:
Email: Contact Number:
Nature of rights held: Approximate budget for the documentary:
Declaration for Participation:
I have read and understood the Jeevika 2016 guidelines and agree to abide by them. The copies of the documentaries (DVD only) will be kept in the CCS archives and they may be used for screenings at CCS and its partners programs.  A brief segment of the entry / promo may be used for promotional purposes. I hereby attest that all information given is to the best of my knowledge accurate and complete.