“Jeevika” is a means of living, especially of earning enough money to feed oneself. The Objective of the festival is:

  1. To document the livelihood challenges of the rural and urban poor across Asia.
  2. To highlight the policy challenges of:
    • Entrepreneurs in the micro, small, medium and large enterprise.
    • Education Entrepreneurs whose livelihood is connected to schools.
  3. Identify and bring to light policies and social, religious and cultural practices which prevent people from earning an honest living and being an entrepreneur.
  4. Advocate with the policy makers for changes in policies and with social leaders for changes in practices that can have far-reaching impacts on the lives of the poor.

About Centre for Civil Society (CCS): Centre for Civil Society advances social change through public policy. Our work in education, livelihood, and policy training promotes choice and accountability across the private and public sectors. To translate policy into practice, we engage with policy and opinion leaders through research, pilot projects and advocacy.

Vision: Each individual leads a life of choice in personal, economic and political spheres and every institution is accountable.

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