Jeevika 2010 Selections

Professional Category
01. Banking on Change Andrew Hilton
02. In Search of my Home Rintu Thomas & Sushmit Ghosh
03. Soul Voice, Solo Voice Mallika Sarabhai & Yadavan Chandran
04. A Bit of the Earth, A Bit of the Sky Shashi Ghosh Gupta
05. Shooting Women Alexis Krasilovsky
06. Dhananjay Kulkarni ‘Chandragupt’ Rrivu Laha
07. Director Painter Shri Baburao Laad Saheb Richa Hushing
08. You & Me & everyone We Know Kuber Sharma & Surabhi Saral
09. The Holy Wives Ritesh Sharma
10. Delhi Bound for Work Reena Kukreja
11. The Nine Months Merajur Rahman Baruah
12. Bhookh Ramesh Vishwakarma
13. Re-Moulding The Life Zhejiang Television (ZJTV)
14. The Wild Meat Trail Rita Banerji & Shilpi Sharma
15. Fairy – Tale of the Queens Shahiduzzaman Badal
16. Gaon Chodab Nahin K P Sasi
Student Category
01. Limited Edition Pooja Shali, Monazir Alam, Sonia Nepram, Tenzin C Bhutiya
02. Silence of the Sea Arnab Kanti Mishra
03. I am A Nurse Aroop Rayu, Ipshita Borat, Sharon Sebastian, Violet Barman
04. Behind Closed Doors Pracheta Sharma & Jessica Hopper

We will be requesting for exemption from the provisions relating to certification of films to be screened in Jeevika 2010. This applies to documentaries that are not certified by the Censor Board, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GOI. Thus, the final screening schedule for the 27-29 August 2010 will be shared later.

Jeevika, Asia Livelihood Documentary Competition and Festival is a search for documentaries that bring to light policies, socio – cultural norms and religious practices that prevent or constrain people from earning an honest livelihood in the vocation of their choice. It aims at capturing the livelihood challenges faced by the rural and urban poor and bringing it to the attention of current and future policy makers. Over the years, Jeevika has been successful in advocating for the cause of numerous entry-level entrepreneurs – rickshaw pullers, street vendors, prostitutes, child labour, farmers and forest-dwellers.