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After the liberalisation of the Indian economy in 1991, while industry was liberated, informal sector was not. This remains especially true for those at the bottom of the pyramid, with restrictions to entrepreneurship hampering the prospects of inclusive growth. Deregulation, especially the removal of government procedures that act as barriers in the pursuit of an honest livelihood, are crucial for broad-based development. As an entrepreneur, you understand the implications of these growth barriers particularly well and are, thus, our most important ally in our fight for ‘the second liberalisation.’

Partnering with Jeevika will coincide perfectly with your commitment to your community. Promoting sustainable livelihoods and empowering those restricted by exit and entry barriers will also reflect your approach towards ‘creating shared value’; this is based on the idea that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent.

While the cause speaks for itself, we understand that companies and businesses are looking for value propositions, even when collaborating with non-profits. Here’s why a partnership with us would be beneficial for you.

Marketing and Media Campaign

Jeevika’s marketing and media campaign is especially geared towards promoting the brand image of our partners. Our marketing campaign will provide you with access to a niche audience, as the plan below details:

  • Direct Mailing: Festival posters carrying your company logo will be mailed out (both electronic copy and the print copy) to the target audience.
  • Outdoor Marketing: Festival posters carrying your company logo will be put up at various hot spots and key locations around New Delhi, which will enhance the visibility of your brand. The posters go to all embassies in New Delhi, cultural centres and media colleges/universities in Asia.
  • Worldwide Awareness: The event will be promoted internationally through various universities, festivals and organisations showcasing your brand in front of a wider international audience.
  • Print and Other Media: The event will feature in leading national dailies, magazines and regional newspapers. Leading radio stations will feature the event in their daily broadcasts, all of which will enhance your media presence.
  • Internet & Email Marketing: Our web presence and virtual connections with dynamic audiences can be of great benefit to our partners. The festival website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and blogs will be constantly updated with news of the festival and will host your logo and links to your webpage(s), increasing your online presence. Email updates will also be sent to our audience with details of the shortlisted documentaries and the event schedule, which will feature your profile.
  • Festival collaterals: Your logo will also feature on our other event collaterals such as T-shirts, caps, participation certificates, awards, trophies, banners, backdrops and stationery.

The ideas for partnership listed above are by no means exhaustive. We invite your suggestions and comments on how we may collaborate to mutual benefit. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Email: