Human ChainOne of the biggest chunks of Unorganised Sector is Street Vendors who are under constant exploitation by the authorities and compelled to live under forced poverty. Street vendors are often those who are unable to get regular jobs in the remunerative formal sector on account of their low level of education and skills. However, they contribute significantly in the budget of every household specifically middle class family by providing ‘affordable’ as well as ‘convenient’ services by their self generated means of employment by vending or hawking. It has been seen that public authorities often regard street vendors as a nuisance and as encroachers of sidewalks and pavements and do not appreciate the valuable services that street vendors render to the common man. Street Vendors have also existed since ancient time and are part of social and cultural fabric of India. They are the one who are keeping the local art, culture and tradition alive for a long time and create the mood of festivity to make India, Incredible India.

As a part of the campaign we plan to work with active responsible citizens of Jaipur for sensitizing the common masses. In this regard we are plan to organize a Human Chain on June 29, 2010 at Jal Mahal at 6 PM with the participation of active civilians of Jaipur to raise a voice for the poor section of the society to provide them a legal status and to make them an advantaged group of the services that the other formal sector receives as the part of the society. Your active participation will highly encourage and motivate people to work for this noble cause with more enthusiasm and would also bring attention of other civil society organizations to come out for this noble cause of protecting livelihood of urban poor. Read the complete concept note.