Street Markets of Jaipur
Birla Temple Market
Location: Birla Temple

Market in Existence: 20 Years

No of Vendors: 35

Business: Pawbhaji, Ice cream, Gol gapee, Aalu Chaat, Barf gola etc.

Association: Yes, Mahanagar Thadi Thela Samiti, Jaipur (PRESIDENT: Mr Shyam, 0992895532)

Contacts of some Vendors:

  • Mr Ram Narayan (Mashur pandit pawbhaji)
  • Mr Vinod Singh Panwar (Famous bhel-puri)
  • Mr Ram Lal (Mathura chat bhandaar)
  • Mr Navratan (Purana pandit paw-bhaji)
  • Mr Raju (Famous paw-bhaji)

Major Findings:

  • They run their business on the road and when there is rally or VIP passing by on the road they have to vacate the place and move their business to some other place or close down for the time being.
  • The vendors say that they are harassed by authorities at times. Their goods and weighing machine is ceased. They don’t pay to officials or any other place for vending at the roadside but they pay Challans to Jaipur Development Authority.
  • The vendors at this place don’t want to be relocated to some other place. They are happy here and make good money

Study done by: Nitesh Soni, IPS Business School, Jaipur on 19.Feb.2010
Malpura Gate Market, Sanganer (North)