Study of Street Markets of Jaipur – Phase – II
Ghat Gate Market
Location: From Ghat Gate to Ramganj Chopper, Jaipur

Market in Existence: 40 Years

No of Vendors: 200

Business: Shoes, Bangles, Trinkets, Fruits, Vegetable, Plastic Items etc.

Association: No

Vendors Interacted: Mr. Radhemohan Sharma (9351928382), Mr. Vashu Dev (9549790489), and Mr. Hadeer Ahmad

Major Findings:

  1. It is a very big market and there are more than 200 street vendors are vending here.
  2. About 5 years ago the vendors were evicted from this market and for a month there was no business but then the vendors started coming back.
  3. The street vendors do not want to be relocated because they are at the major market and they do not think that there can be any other place to vend better than this.
  4. These street vendors do not have license or any sort of document permitting them to continue their business. They vend on street and do not have permanent place to run their business.
  5. The loss of livelihood is the biggest fear of them in case of eviction.
  6. They have been vending here for more than 40 years but till date there is no facility of license and identity card which makes their business illegal.
  7. Vendors bribe traffic policemen on the regular basis.
  8. Rain is a big problem in running their business and also causes dirtiness in the market.
  9. The vendors have to pay Challans which may be anything between Rs 100 to Rs 5000.

Study done by: Ishu Goyal, Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun on May 21, 2010