Street Markets of Jaipur
Hasanpura Market
Location: Hasanpura

Market in Existence: 30 Years

No of Vendors: 150

Business: Fruits and vegetables vendors.

Association: Yes

President of association :

  • Saiffudin Bhullar

Major Findings:

  • The vendors here have been vending for around 30 years. They have unity and they don’t face any problem from government authorities.
  • Jaipur Development has offered them to provide permanent space somewhere and the vendors have agreed for this

Study done by: Surendra Pratap Singh Rathore, IPS Business School, Jaipur on 19.Feb.2010

Malpura Gate Market, Sanganer (North) Malpura Gate Market, Sanganer (North)Malpura Gate Market, Sanganer (North)