Street Markets of Jaipur
Polo Victory to Sindhi Camp Market
Location: Polo Victory to Sindhi Camp

Market in Existence: 30 Years

No of Vendors: 80

Business: Vegetable, fruits, fast-food, tea stalls, clothes, toys etc.

Association: No Association

Contacts of some Vendors:

  • Dilip kumar – 9785776271
  • Laxman Das – 9784593212
  • Naresh – 9799726085
  • Jitendra – 9252483200

Major Findings:

  • The street vendors don’t have license or any sort of identity card.
  • Street Vendors are very frequently harassed by Jaipur Development Authority and Jaipur Municipal Corporation. They are issued Challans and the vendors say they have to pay lot of Challans which can be anything from Rs 100/- to 2000/-.
  • The Street vendors don’t want to be relocated because they are at the major street of the city near the Bus Stand and they don’t think there can be any other place better than this for them to vend.

Study done by: Hardeep Singh, IPS Business School, Jaipur on 19.Feb.2010

Malpura Gate Market, Sanganer (North)