Street Markets of Jaipur
Weekly Markets
Location: V T Road, Weekly on Tuesday and Friday

Other days:
Sunday – Mira Marg

Monday – Triveni

Tuesday & Friday – V T Road

Wednesday & Saturday – Agarwal farm SFS

Thursday – Vaishali Chitrakut

Market in Existence: 10 Years

No of Vendors: 200

Business: Vegetable, Fruits, Fast-food, Clothes, Plastic items, Glass items, Electronic Items, Other home product items etc.

Association: Yes, Kisan Phal Mandi

Contacts of some Vendors:

  • Mr Govindrao – 09950199034

Major Findings:

  • As per Mr Govindrao, There is an association of vendors of this market known as “Kisan Phal Mandi”. He is the Secretary of the market association and Mr Nanulal Verma is the president.
  • The market is self dependent so far.
  • Government has constructed a market at Jhulelal Market at Shiprapath in Mansarovar but the amount asked for the shop in the market is too high for them to afford. It varies from Rs 6 to 7.5 Laks therefore the vendors have not taken shops there and continuing business as earlier.
  • According to Mr Nirajkumar, a vegetable seller, the major problem they face is of congestion due to narrow area, number of vendors, number of vehicles and rush at prime times.
  • The vendors also realize not having a permanent place is a problem and that is why they want to be relocated to a convenient place and they prefer to be relocated somewhere in Mansarovar area.
  • The cleaning of the market area is another problem.

Study done by: Mayur Sharma, IPS Business School, Jaipur on 19.Feb.2010
Malpura Gate Market, Sanganer (North)