As a part of the Jeevika: Law, Liberty & Livelihood Campaign CCS organized a Mass Awareness and Mobilization Activity in 17 No. Market, Badhana Road, Vishwakarma Industrial Area for creating an environment which is conducive enough for the government to implement Policy/Bill on Urban Street Vendors in 17 No Street Market, VKIA at 6 PM with the participation of street vendors of the market and active citizens of the area. The activity started with a street play portraying the problems of street vendors and the provisions under street vendors’ policy to solve those. The street play was followed by talks by local vendors’ leaders and other influencing people of the community. There was a crowd of around 100 people who stayed there to know about the solution of problems faced by street vendors and others on the street. It was overwhelming to see the response of street

vendors who found the play very touching and then carefully listed to the talks knowing how the policy can solve their problems. Now the street vendors have started talking about the possible action needed to be taken to get the policy implemented.

Mr. Amit Chandra, the Campaign Coordinator of Centre for Civil Society talked about the provisions of the policy and how it will be beneficial for street vendors as well as pedestrians and other stake holders on the street. Mr. Ghanshyam Kotwani, Executive Member of National Alliance of Street Vendors of India talked about the stigma of traffic hazard attached to street vendors and the need to get out of this mindset. Mr. Babulal Ramchandani, representative of Jaipur Mahanagar Thadi Thela Footpath Vyawasayi Union at the gathering briefed the crowed about the status of policy in Jaipur Municipal Corporation.