We organised Mass Mobilization and Awareness Campaign in entire Rajasthan with help from National Association of Street Vendors of India. We got a Rath (Bus) equipped with all campaign and publicity material. We organised 15 day tour of the Rath from September 15 to 30 throughout Rajasthan to make hawkers aware of National Policy on Street Vendors, adopted by the Government of India. The main purpose of the Campaign Rath is to make street vendors across state aware of their rights and might and to arouse them to march to Jaipur on 30 September for a rally and demonstration before the Rajasthan Chief Minister Office. The proposed Rally will demand immediate enactment of legislation for the vulnerable population of street vendors. Here is the route map as well as the schedule of the campaign:

Route Map and Rath Schedule

  • Abhiyan Rath reached Jaipur on 15 Sept morning
  • It was flagged off around 12 noon on 15 Sept and afterwards it covered areas of Jaipur
  • It reached Ajmer on 16 Sept and 17 Sept
  • It reached Udaipur on 18 Sept
  • It reached Jodhpur on 19 Sept and 20 Sept
  • 21 Sept was a leisure day
  • It reached Bikaner on 22 Sept
  • It moved to other areas on demand from 23-24 Sept
  • It reached Sikar on 25 Sept
  • It returned to Jaipur on 26 Sept
  • It had several mass meetings from 27-30 Sep in Jaipur
  • Rally and Mass Demonstration on 30 Sept

Here are some pictures of the Rath: