We organized a press conference at 1.30 PM in Pink City Press Club, Narayan Singh Circle, today (September 28, Tuesday). The press conference was a success. There were more than 20 media people and many representatives of street vendors’ union in the conference.

To address the press conference we had Mrs Raheema Shiekh from Self Employed Women Association, Ms Archana Srivastava from Heinemann Charitable Mission Society, Mr Nathu Singh Rathore from Jaipur Mahanagar Thadi Thela Vyavasayi Sanyukt Sangharsh Samiti, Mr Ghanshyam Kotwani from Jaipur Mahanagar Thadi Thela Vyavasayi Union and Mr Ranjit Abhigyan from National Association of Street Vendors of India.

Here are some pictures and press release of the conference:

Press Release