29 August 2013 Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
10:00 AM Inauguration  
10:15 AM No Problem! (Six months with the barefoot Grandmamas) Yasmin Kidwai
11:25 AM Aarohan Manish Pruthi, Pallavi Kumar, Pawan Lodhi
11:35 AM Green School: Footprints In the Future Giovanni Mo
11:45 AM Discussion Regulatory reforms needed in the Bamboo sector
1:20 PM A Commons Story Ananda Siddhartha, Epti Pattnaik, Piyus Garud, Pratik Bhakta 
2:10 PM Their Last Weapon Nirupama Singh
3:05 PM The Road Back Home Shobhit Jain
4:05 PM The Impact of One Holly Mosher
4:10 PM Cotton For My Shroud Nandan Saxena, Kavita Bahl
5:20 PM M-C-M’: and they call us dreamers… Boon Kia Meng
30 August 2013 Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
10:00 AM Fire in the Blood Dylan Mohan Gray
11:30 AM Credits V/S Carbon Credits Bal Krishan Bali
12:00 PM Discussion From Swatantrata to Azaadi: the road to Economic Freedom
1:30 PM Daane Daane Pe Krishna Panchal, Mridul Chari, Nithila Kanagasabai, Nitya Menon
2:10 PM Vanishing Colours Shrinking Threads Kakli Chakrabarty, Shantanu Mitra
3:00 PM Sarla Kashyap- The Herbal Juice Seller Imrana Khan
3:10 PM On the Streets Rajkumar M
3:45 PM Operation Free lunch Lixin Fan
3:50 PM In Search of Destiny Aakash Arun
4:25 PM G2G: Grassroots to Global Neela Venkatraman
4:40 PM When Shankar Nag Comes Asking Sushma Veerappa
31 August 2013 Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
9:00 AM Beyond the Veil Anusha Nandkar
10:00 AM Can We See The Baby Bump Please? Surabhi Sharma
11:00 AM Teach to Learn Atul Kumar
11:30 AM Discussion  Do we have the right policy framework for skill development in India yet?
1:00 PM Sons and Daughters Jyotsna Khatry
1:50 PM Shepherds of Paradise Raja Shabir Khan
2:55 PM Tashi’s Turbine Amitabh Raj Joshi
3:00 PM Bottle Masala in Moile Vaidehi Chitre
3:55 PM Rags to Pads Chithra Jayaram
4:00 AM The Donkey Fair Rakesh Shukla
4:35 PM The Last Train Home Lixin Fan
01 September 2013 Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
11:30 AM The Entrepreneurial Calling Michael Matheson Miller 
12:00 PM Resistance Biju Toppo
1:10 PM Chronicals of Oblivion Priyanjana Dutta
1:45 PM Redboxx Rukshana Tabassum
2:00 PM Have you seen the Arana? Sunanda Bhat
3:30 PM Meet Mr. Toilet Jessica Yu
3:35 PM A Little Revolution-A Story of Suicides and Dreams Harpreet Kaur
4:50 PM In Citylights Saurabh Vyas
5:20 PM Angels of Troubled Paradise Raja Shabir Khan
7:00 PM Award Ceremony * Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
  Life in music, a livelihood in music? Musical Performance by Vidya Shah
     * Please be seated by 6:45pm