CCS organised third Mass Mobilization Activity in Jaipur on Wednesday, August 25. We conducted this activity at Khirni Phatak, Jhotwara with help from ‘Jaipur Mahanagar Thadi Thela Footpath Vyavasayi Union’. There is a weekly market at Khirni Phatak on every Wednesday and we chose to conduct the activity to make street vendors as well as common masses aware of the policy for urban street vendors. There were above 80 people watching the street play and participating in the discussion after the play. The play presented the daily life problems of street vendors & solutions. It connected with people well which created ground for healthy discussion. We also distribute pamphlets about the policy and talked about the provisions of the policy and how this can be one solution to all the problems of street vendors. We got senior street vendor leader Mr. Banwari Lal Sharma and Mr. Parmanand Salodia to participate in the activity and address the crowd. The audience was engaged and we urged them to participate on planned rally on September 30.