Top Ten reasons to submit your documentary at Jeevika….

#WhyJeevika Reason1: Unique Documentary Festival: Identify and bring to light policies and social, religious and cultural practices which prevent people from earning an honest living and being an entrepreneur and document the livelihood challenges of the rural and urban poor across Asia.

#WhyJeevika Reason2: International Platform: Every year over 20 documentaries from all over the world by veteran & new filmmakers are selected to be part of the official screening list. Beyond the screenings interaction with audience and other filmmakers, a creative meeting point for professionals from media, policymaking and academia.

#WhyJeevika Reason3: Open to Student filmmakers: The festival provides aspiring student filmmakers a platform to share their experiences and creativity in front of a captive audience as well as garners their interest in livelihood issues.

#WhyJeevika Reason4: To highlight the policy challenges of:Entrepreneurs in the micro, small, medium and large enterprise.Education Entrepreneurs whose livelihood is connected to schools.

#WhyJeevika Reason5: Independent Evaluation: The documentaries are shortlisted and winners are decided completely by independent teams of celebrated and accomplished jury members. The jury is composed of professional from the film industry, academia, media and non-profit.

#WhyJeevika Reason6: Fabulous Awards: The festival offers fabulous prizes with cash honorarium, trophies, certificates and one of the winners will win a trip and three nights stay to be part of the Asia Liberty Forum in January 2016 in Malaysia.

#WhyJeevika Reason7: Beyond the Festival: Organisers screen select shortlisted films as part of the Livelihood Campaign in seminars, various schools, colleges, cultural centers, organisations and at festivals in different parts of the country and the world through the Jeevika on the Road initiative.

#WhyJeevika Reason8: What are we giving to the society?: The screening and discussions during the festival strengthen the Freedom Struggle of the Poor and change the attitudes and minds of many towards inclusive and sustainable development. Advocate with the policy makers for changes in policies and with social leaders for changes in practices that can have far-reaching impacts on the lives of the poor.

#WhyJeevika Reason 9: Developing on Public policies: The documentaries help to develop public policy measures to clear the path for free enterprise. Check out our BAMBOO IS NOT A TREE campaign that enabled public and political on its classification in India’s national policy.

#Why Jeevika Reason 10: Volunteer with us: An opportunity to learn, network and meet eminent documentary makers!

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