Jeevika campaign organised a workshop on Urban Street Vendor Policy for the key street vendor leaders of Jaipur on March 27, 2011. The objective of the workshop was to brief the street vendor leaders of the city about the street vendor policy in detail and strategizing their efforts to get the policy implemented in the city. We had 12 street vendor leaders from different parts of the city.

The vendor leaders realized the lack of knowledge of existence of the policy and highly appreciated our effort of educating them about their rights under the policy framework. The workshop had a consensus that the street vendor unions need to be more active and organise a big mass demonstration in a month or two. Keeping this in mind the street vendors would start working immediately. The leaders agreed to do two major things from this week itself:

  1. They would connect with more street vendors and strengthen their inactive unions.
  2. They would meet officials in their respective zones and submit memorandums demanding the implementation of the street vendor policy 2007 which is already effective in the state.

Here is the agenda of the workshop:


Here are few pictures during the workshop: