Jeevika campaign organised a workshops on ‘Urban Street Vendor Policy’ for the street vendors in Vaishali Nagar area of Jaipur on Sunday, June 26, 2011. We have been doing several small group meetings and street meetings with the street vendors of the area. The workshop was an attempt to bring all the small groups of street vendors of Vaishali Nagar area together and device collective effort by them along with educating them about the street vendor policy.

The objective of the workshop was to educate the street vendors of Vaishali Nagar area of the city about the street vendor policy in detail and strategizing their efforts to put local pressure on Municipal Corporation to implement the policy in the city. More than 100 street vendors of Vaishali Nagar and nearby area participated in the workshop.

Amit Kumar Gond, Campaign Associate at CCS briefed the street vendors about the effort made by CCS so far to get the issue of street vendors resolved. He used pictures, videos and order letters of Rajasthan Government to demonstrate the progress.

Amit Chandra, Campaign Coordinator at CCS took an input session explaining major provisions of street vendor policy. He emphasized on the benefits of the policy to the street vendors.

At the end of the workshop street vendors also wrote postcards to the Chief Minister of the state mentioning their problems and demanding early implementation of legislation for street vendors.

It was also decided that all the street vendors would do a collective mass demonstration on 6 July at Civil Lines Zone office of Municipal Corporation and submit a memorandum.

Here is press cutting of the workshop:

Vaishali Workshop

Here are some pictures of the workshop: